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If you have a damaged window, or you are building a new apartment, and need to install a new window, then instead of wooden windows, you should invest in a UPVC window. There are multiple reasons why a UPVC window is much better than a wooden window. In this article, we have shared with you a comparison between wooden windows and UPVC windows. The information shared in this article is collected from some of the best tilt and turn Windows Manufacturers in Delhi. Therefore, let us start comparing them.

Their looks

If you compare the looks of wooden and UPVC windows, then in terms of aesthetic appeal, UPVC windows cannot match the elegance of wooden windows. While it is true that UPVC windows are available in multiple colours and textures, the natural grain look of a wooden window gives it an unmatched advantage over the UPVC window.


This advantage strictly goes to the UPVC window. Although wooden windows provide natural insulation, the double-glazing fitting of a UPVC window makes it a far superior insulator. Therefore, if you buy UPVC windows, then they would be able to keep the outside heat and help you to reduce your energy bill as you have lesser need to cool your room with AC.

Environmentally friendly

As all the UPVC window suppliers in Delhi pointed out, the UPVC windows are environmentally friendly. For a wooden window, you have to cut trees. On the other hand, you can buy a UPVC window without being conscious that you have destroyed a tree for your comfort. Therefore, at this point, the UPVC window wins hands down.


In this field again, the UPVC window requires very little maintenance work to keep your UPVC window shining. On the other hand, you have to frequently paint your wooden window otherwise they may get damaged if the wood is exposed to the external elements. Therefore, in the long run, UPVC is far cheaper than a wooden window.


A UPVC window with a steel core is very durable and it is very hard to break in. Although wooden doors are also very durable, they are susceptible to fall prey to water exposure, white ants, fire, and others. Therefore, in terms of durability, UPVC windows offer more benefits.

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