Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

1). How to maintain your doors:  Have you recently replaced your door with a PVC frame and are wondering how you can extend the life of the joint? Plastic is an excellent material for a wide range of doors due to its natural insulation, sound insulation, and safety properties. To know more about the maintenance of UPVC doors you can call any reputable sliding doors & Windows Manufacturer in Delhi.

2). Protect your face from scratches: To avoid scratching the frames and glass of your plastic door, avoid using sharp objects such as razor blades and metal scrapers. We understand that removing stubborn dirt or paint from your door can be difficult, but we recommend not using sharp objects to avoid damaging the surface.

3). Take care of hinges and door handles: Maintaining your windows also includes cleaning and checking hardware such as handles and seals. You can use a vacuum cleaner or hot soapy water to remove dirt, grime, and dust from the seals and ensure your door closes, opens, and slides smoothly. Make sure you wash regularly after using detergent or soap to prevent future damage. Apply silicone oil to the seal at least twice a year to extend its life, and make sure your door always closes on air. Remove any debris from the passages of your sliding door to protect the hardware from damage. This will also ensure smooth sliding of the door and you will not have problems with the operation of the system.

4). Clean the door frame and glass: Maintenance of plastic doors is very similar to the maintenance of plastic windows. With a few household appliances, you can clean the door frame and glass in a short time and keep them for long life. As uPVC is very low maintenance, you will probably need to clean the surface every few months, depending on where your home is located. To fix the frames and glasses, you need detergent and warm water. If there is dirt or debris on the door, soak your face in this mixture for a short time and wash with clean water.  You can get advice from any reputable uPVC doors and windows dealers in Delhi NCR about the best cleaning solution you should use on UPVC doors.

5). Other things to keep in mind: If you live near the sea, you need to clean your plastic door regularly. We recommend checking the damage regularly and performing the mentioned ritual every two months. This will help your door look good and perform well in the long run.



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