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If your window is allowing old draft or accumulation of condensation inside your room, then you need something different to solve this problem. Many a times this issue could be directly related to old windows. If it is so, then what is the solution? We suggest that one of the affordable ways to deal with this situation is investing in double glazed UPVC windows. Ask your nearest tilt and turn Windows manufacturer in Delhi and they will give you a complete solution for your problem. A double glazed UPVC window offers several more benefits compared to a single glazed window. Therefore, if you want to know more about the double glazed UPVC windows, how they work and how you can benefit from them, then read this article.

How does a double-glazing window work?

If you want to improve the thermal quality of your home, then nothing beats the double glazed UPVC windows. The reason they are called double glazed windows is due to the fact that two layers of glass on the window are held together by a spacer. Both the layers are transparent that allows natural light to easily shine through. This makes the double-glazed window extremely tough and secure. The spacer in the middle of the two glass layers are filled with Argon gas. This makes double glazed windows offer more insulation compared to the single glazed counterparts where the extra layer of Argon gas is missing that would have helped to improve insulation in the room significantly.

Double glazed window prices

You may be wondering how expensive these windows are? Let us assure you that when you talk to the UPVC windows suppliers in Delhi about the prices of these double-glazed windows you would be pleasantly surprised about how reasonable they are. Furthermore, most manufacturers offer you a 30-year guarantee on these windows, which is more than enough for most people needs. While it is true that double glazed UPVC windows are costly compared to the single paned aluminum window, but the benefits it offers, the extra cost is fully worth it.


The points above show that double glazed windows are perfect for your needs if you are looking for a window that not only offers great insulation, but exceptional strength, and durability.

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