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If you are looking to change your old windows or install windows in your new apartment, then you may be spoilt for choices. There are windows available in the market made up of wood, iron, aluminium, and UPVC. Therefore, which one you must choose? In this article, we will share with you a simple comparison between aluminium and UPVC windows. This will give you an idea of which one of these is best for your needs. We have gathered the information from some of the best tilt and turn Windows Manufacturers in Delhi.


If we compare types of windows in terms of their durability, then you will find that UPVC offers more benefits than aluminium windows. UPVC windows do not corrode or rot. Furthermore, even during extreme climates, you will not find peeling or chipping. They also do not change shape, size, or fade even under direct sunlight.

The aluminium windows are also quite durable but this material is not perfect for coastal areas. The saltwater present in the air of coastal areas can corrode aluminium and discolour it.

More choices

Both the UPVC windows and aluminium windows are available in a large number of colours, styles, and finishes. Therefore, in this segment, there is no clear winner as both offer you a multitude of options which makes them perfect for any type of house.

Environmentally friendly

Both the UPVC windows and aluminium windows are recyclable. You can recycle UPVC and aluminium multiple times which makes them eco-friendly and the perfect environment-friendly material that is perfect for the building construction industry.


UPVC windows offer more insulation compared to their aluminium window counterpart. As aluminium itself is a conductor of heat, it does not give an adequate amount of insulation. Furthermore, aluminium also does not offer good soundproofing compared to the UPVC windows.

All of these points make UPVC windows the perfect material for your new apartment or a replacement for your old windows. Make sure that when you go to the market to buy the right UPVC window for your apartment, you choose a reputable windows supplier in Delhi to make your purchase.

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