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If you are looking for options when you are trying to buy windows for your new apartment or even replace the old ones, then we suggest that you should choose UPVC windows. There are many UPVC sliding windows manufacturers in Delhi who can custom-build the window as per your requirements. If you compare it with other materials like iron or wood, you will find that it has multiple benefits. If you go for the iron windows, then its overall maintenance is very high as you have to paint it regularly or it would rust. Similarly, wooden windows can get damaged by water, salt wind, or termites. Compared to it when you buy a UPVC door from any fixed Windows manufacturer in Delhi, you will get a quality product that is proof from water, salt winds, and termites.

In this blog, we will try to explain how UPVC windows are cost-beneficial in the long run.

They are sturdy

These windows have high elasticity which allows them to last for several decades compared to other materials like iron, aluminium, or wood. Furthermore, over the years they do not lose their shine like other materials available in the market.

They reduce your electricity bill

They offer amazing insulation. This would lower your electricity bill due to continuous running of air-conditioner during the summer months would be less as the windows can keep the cold air inside.

Maintenance is simple

Unlike wood or iron windows in which you have to apply paint every year to protect them from outside elements, UPVC windows do not require either paint or oiling. All you have to do is just to wash the surface with warm water with vinegar and they will look as good as new year-on-year.


UPVC windows are comparatively cheaper than wood or metal windows. With rising prices, you will find that the cost of UPVC windows is at least 15 to 20% lower than other materials that are available in the market.

Highly secure

Almost all UPVC windows have fortified structures with a steel center. This bar of steel is joined with a solid lock that can withstand high pressure without bending or breaking.

All these points show that UPVC windows are cheaper in the long run.

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